Different tests

1. The corona PCR test throat/nose swap

With this test, a doctor takes a sample of throat mucus with a cotton swab and sends it to the laboratory to test whether the virus is present in it. The PCR test is extremely reliable and also shows small amounts of the genetic material of the coronavirus. Therefore, this corona test is considered the gold standard worldwide. However, the processing and analysis of the PCR test take time.

2. Antigen rapid tests

These react to certain proteins (antigens) of the coronavirus. Some of these tests have been validated by the RIVM for people with symptoms.

Recent Articles

Travel during Corona pandemic

The government’s advice is not to travel unless necessary. Every trip increases the chance of more infections in the Netherlands and abroad.

Are corona tests reliable?

In 2021, the government wants to move to more widespread and more frequent coronavirus testing, including people without symptoms. This will create more opportunities to open up society and at the same time keep a good eye on (the spread of) the virus.

What about immunity?

A study by the prestigious King’s College in London shows that antibody-based immunity to the coronavirus usually disappears after a few months.