Travel during Corona pandemic

The government’s advice is not to travel unless necessary. Every trip increases the chance of more infections in the Netherlands and abroad. The advice is to travel only in case of serious family circumstances or for work that really cannot be postponed and where physical presence is necessary.

Do not book travel for the period up to and including March 31. Whether you will be able to travel again after that is not yet known. Booking a trip is a risk.


Are you on vacation in your own country and do you get complaints that fit with the coronavirus? do you have complaints? Then the advice is to stay inside and not to travel. Get tested as soon as possible at a test site near your vacation address. Test Clinic Amsterdam is located at Keizersgracht 198 in Amsterdam.

From Abroad

Are you abroad and do you have symptoms that fit the coronavirus? If so, you are not allowed to travel to the Netherlands. To be able to return to The Netherlands you need a negative test result.

Going abroad

A number of countries impose requirements on travelers from the Netherlands. Travelers from the Netherlands are required to submit a recent negative COVID-19 test result before entering the country.
We provide for these travelers, by appointment, tests for the presence of COVID-19. The test meets the guidelines of the RIVM and the requirements for the official travel document. You will receive a medical travel certificate as soon as the test result is negative. If the test result is positive, we advise you to go into quarantine immediately and follow the guidelines of the RIVM.

Are you planning to travel? Then first check the travel advice on and download the Travel app from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Keep in mind that the situation in a country can change quickly.


Frequently asked questions about the coronavirus and travel to and from foreign countries can be found on the website of the central government;

Would you like to make an appointment for a test? Then click here. Do you have more questions? Call: +31 (0)20 213 8790 tduring office hours.

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