How soon will I get the results of a coronavirus (COVID-19) test?

If you have an appointment before 12:30 the results will be available the same day around 23:00. If you have an appointment after 12:30 but before 18:00, you will receive the result around 13:30 the next day. For the rapid test you will receive the results after 30 minutes.

Which test does Test Clinic use?

The PCR test, which specifically detects the new coronavirus (SARS Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome -CoV Coronavirus -2), is the most commonly used.

Additionally, Test Clinic offers rapid antigen tests with results after 30 minutes.

What if I test positive?

We advise you to go into quarantine immediately and follow the guidelines of the government.

Is my result anonymous?

To issue a travel certificate, we need several details, including first and last name, email address, date of birth, pasport number. For more information about data processing, please see our privacy statement.

Will my data be shared with the RIVM?

Test Clinic does not directly report to the RIVM.

If a client is tested positive for COVID-19 we are legally required to report this to the regional GGD. We never share data with third parties without explicit permission. 

Do I have to stay sober for a test?

No. You can just eat and drink anything

Do I receive a certificate with the results?

Test Clinic offers a COVID-19 travel certificates. We give out travel certificates for the Antigen Rapid test and the PCR test. This is a personal certificate, includes the details you provided on your booking as well as the test method of test on the certificate.