Travel to and from: safe countries (with low COVID-19 risk)

When to travel?

The Dutch government advices that you should not travel and should stay in the Netherlands. For travel outside the Netherlands, the following applies: only travel in serious family-related circumstances or for work that really cannot be postponed and where physical presence is necessary.

Countries with low COVID-19 risk are considered safe countries. The national government maintains a list of these. Countries which are not on the safe country list are considered high-risk.

Negative test result needed

You can check here whether a country is considered a high-risk area. If you want to travel there, in many cases you will need a negative COVID-19 PCR-test result and a negative rapid test result to be able to travel to and from the Netherlands by plane or ship.

Test Clinic will provide you with a medical travel certificate in English, including your negative COVID-19 PCR test result.

Safe countries with low COVID-19 risk

Because rules and regulations may differ from time to time. We advice you to take great caution and make sure you are aware of the most recent regulations. We would recommend you to check for the most updated rules and regulations on IATA.

Changes in list of safe countries

You can look at the list on this page for the latest information.
Here you can find an actual map view with all infection rates across the world.